Udzungwa Mountains

National Park

Udzungwa Mountains National park

Welcome to Udzungwa

Udzungwa Mountains National Park was established in 1992 and officially opened by the former President and founder of WWF (World Wildlife Fund for Nature) Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. The word “Udzungwa” comes from the word “Wadsungwa” referring to one of the native sub tribes of the “Hehe” people who once lived in the slopes of the mountains.

The park covers an area of 1990km2 where geographically, 20% of the total area lies in Morogoro region while the remaining 80% being in the southern highland region of Iringa.


Udzungwa Mountains National Park, located in southern Tanzania, experiences a tropical climate with two main seasons. The wet season typically occurs from November to April, characterized by higher rainfall and increased humidity. During this time, lush vegetation thrives, and waterfalls in the park are more abundant. The dry season, which spans from May to October, is generally drier with lower rainfall and cooler temperatures. It’s important to note that Udzungwa Mountains National Park is known for its high annual precipitation, and rain can occur throughout the year. The temperatures in the park vary depending on the altitude, with cooler temperatures at higher elevations. It’s advisable to check the current weather conditions and plan your visit accordingly.

Park Attractions

These are place of interest inside the park, where t ourists can visit, typically for its inherent or exhibited natural or cultural value, historical significance, natural or built beauty, offering leisure, adventure and amusement.

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